Surinam Cockroach

Family Name

Pycnoscelus surinamensis



Crawling – Non-Flying


Adults measure 0.75 inch in length.


The head area is dark brown to black, while the wings are olive green.


This species lives primarily outdoors and is considered a nuisance pest, as it does not breed inside homes. It can appear in shopping malls and zoos, where it is found in atriums and potted plants carried from nurseries. The Surinam cockroach can build large populations around structures in landscape beds where thick mulch layers, heavy ground cover and landscape timbers are present. This species does not fly.


The Surinam cockroach lives among piles of leaves, mulch, lumber piles, firewood piles and similar outdoor harbourages.

Tips for Control

Removing leaf piles, woodpiles and other potential harbourages is the best approach with this cockroach. It is also important to seal as many exterior cracks as possible and to ensure that all foundation and attic vents have tight-fitting screens. Granular cockroach baits applied to active harbourages are also helpful.