Precautions to keep yourself safe during pest treatment.

Many homeowners often want to implement household pest control methods by themselves, but do not realize the potential risks involved in handling pesticides. If not followed all safety precautions and applied correctly, pest control chemicals could be very dangerous for you or your family.

In the occasion you have a pest problem that is too difficult to manage yourself, contact Tackle for a qualified Agent to handle your pest infestation. Tackle Agents can evaluate the extent of the problem and treat it accordingly, all while ensuring that both your home and family are safe.

Tackle Agents are licensed and trained to handle, store and apply these toxic substances safely. If the appropriate precautions are taken to minimize exposure to pesticides, associated risks to health are greatly reduced.

If you have house members vulnerable to these kinds of chemicals, there are alternative options you can go for. Organic pest control products are becoming more popular nowadays owing to the fact that they cause no harm to the environment and are safe for our loved ones.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Keep babies, kids and pets far away from the areas where the pesticides and chemicals have been applied.
  • Consult with Tackle and seek low-risk pesticides when you have kids or pets at home.
  • Chemicals and pesticides should be generally applied rather than sprayed. This avoids that the spray is mistakenly applied in the wrong direction or place, leading to damage or injury.
  • Heed the professionals’ warnings and follow their instructions, no matter what.
  • Check whether the chemical(s) you are using has been approved for the usage. Never ever go use chemicals that are not government approved.
  • Do not be careless while disposing of the pesticides leftover and their containers.
  • Some chemicals are meant to be used outdoors, because they might remain toxic for a longer amount of time. Make sure of all these details before applying them indoors or outdoors.
  • Apply only as much as needed or instructed. Apply more might cause an adverse effect.
  • Wear protective gear and clothing as instructed in the covering of the chemicals.
  • Do not re-use pesticide containers. Even after washing it thoroughly, traces invisible to the naked eye would remain and poison you and your family.

Tackle is your best option for Safe Pest Control Management in Nigeria. Don’t wait for a small issue to become a huge problem!