Red Paper Wasp

Family Name




Flying – Stinging


Typical red paper wasps are about 0.98–1.26 inches long.


Reddish brown colour.


They are often attracted to humans due to loud noises, bright colours and sweet smells, such as food and perfume. Typical paper wasps are relatively unaggressive, only attacking humans and animals if they or their nests are being threatened. Red paper wasps are more aggressive and their stings can be more painful; however, only females have the ability to sting. Unlike bees, wasps do not lose their stingers, thus they are able to sting multiple times.


The Red paper wasp prefers to nest in protected areas such as hollow trees and is often observed in woodlands. However, given the opportunity, it will also construct nests near humans, such as the undersides of roofs.

Tips for Control

Red paper wasps are in close link with the humans and provide benefits to human and to the ecosystem by helping in pollination and by capturing small insects and feeding to their larvae which help to monitor the pest population.

They can be left untreated, if not damaging the property. You should try not to hurt their nest while walking around the nest, otherwise they are aggressive and sting you causing multiple wasp sting symptoms.

In the event your property is treated by the red paper wasp, you can consider following options:

 Wasp pesticide spray
 Mechanical removal
 Call your Pest Management Professional (PMP)