When researching prices, it is important to learn if the estimates are for a one-time-visit only or for contract basis periodic-visits.

Be aware also that the cost of a pest treatment service depends on certain factors: 

• the size of the property;
• indoor or outdoor;
• the type of pest(s) causing the problem;
• the level of infestation;
• the recurrence of the maintenance visits;
• etc.

Request for a quotation

Tackle offers competitively priced pest control services.

Get in touch with a Tackle operator through one of our extended communication lines and request for a quotation for your property or premises.

A Tackle pest control technician could be booked to assess the situation and to advise you of the best course of action. An appropriate quotation shall be provided based on the site assessment.

Mode of payment

Residential homes

Residential owners pay cash after completion of each pest treatment service. We accept debit and credit cards and payments via Banking App through your smartphone.

Corporates and Organizations

Payments are based on contractual agreement; on a monthly, semi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Inspections will not be released unless a service form is signed by the responsible party for payment; clearly stated with name, date, signature, stamp and seal.

Payment for services is due within 15 days or at settlement, whichever occurs first.

A treatment Certificate and Technical Report shall be produced and delivered only after settlement of the full payment due.

Important Notice

Because our Agents are on a very efficient time schedule, we ask you to please make every effort to keep your appointments. Agents are paid on a percentage of their daily route. Therefore, a “last-minute-cancellation” or “no-show” affects them directly. It also affects our ability to complete everyone’s service just-in-time. We require a 24-hour notice on cancellations, so that we can fill your vacated time slot with another client. Late cancellation or no-show shall be penalized and billed at the full rate.