Family Name




Flying – Biting


Small flies of 0.04 to 0.16 inches.


The adult no-see-ums are grey.


No see ums belong to a large group of biting midges known as Diptera. They are very small gnats that travel in swarms and deliver an irritating, painful bite. Their saliva can be really intensely itchy and cause itchy red welts that can persist for more than a week, much worse than a mosquito bite. Humans and dogs can fall victim to these tiny terrors.


They are found in almost any aquatic or semi-aquatic habitat throughout the world, as well as in mountain areas.

Tips for Control

The smaller members of the family are tiny enough to pass through the apertures in typical window screens. Camping tents are often equipped with extra-fine mesh netting, called no-see-um nets, to keep the pests out. The best way to get rid of No-see-ums in your house is to turn the air conditioning down to 15-16 degrees Celsius for about 20 hours. Turn off any humidifiers or make sure humidistats are below 40%. Removal by trapping is an option, using CO2 as an attractant to lure the biting midges to an insecticide-treated target where they are killed.