Fogging Engineer

Posted 3 years ago

Pest Control Management

Brief Job Description

Contributes to the development, implementation, monitoring and review of a business strategy that maximizes the retails net profit by driving sales and controlling costs at regional level; to build motivated and high performing teams through the effective leadership and line management to retail staff. Ensures that Mind maximizes ‘added value’ opportunities afforded through its high street presence including raising public awareness and non-retail income.


• Statistical Analysis
• Teamwork and team building or management
• Understanding nutrition, anatomy and physiology


• Interpersonal
• Communication and Presentation.
• Organizational
• Customer Service
• Project Management
• Stakeholder Management


• Ability to collate and analyze data
• Ability to create and control scheduled tasks
• Ability to manage allocated resources
• Ability to provide timely feedback
• Ability to produce error free documents and content
• Ability to manage correspondence effectively and resolutely
• Ability to carry out issue & conflict resolution

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