How To Protect Your Little Ones From Critters

Whether it’s spiders, scorpions or fire ants – pest control is a serious matter. Even though critters can appear cute, it’s important to teach your little ones to keep their distance. While your kiddos only want to play, what they don’t understand is that pests often carry diseases or even bite. These tips will help keep your children safe.

  1. Fence it in. Protect your plants and your kids with a simple mesh fence that will differentiate your garden from the rest of your backyard. Fencing is an effective technique to keep unwelcome rabbits or bunnies out of your garden. Even though these critters look friendly, they’re capable of carrying dangerous diseases.
  2. Garden in flower pots. By planting your precious produce in flower pots, you can stop convenient snack opportunities for pests who might sting or bite your child. A flower pot is raised up from the ground-level and might deter any pest from nibbling. If this doesn’t work, try placing your flower pots on elevated surfaces so you can keep a better eye on your plant.
  3. Use tactics to scare animals. Metallic CDs or even a scarecrow are techniques that you can use to keep pesky animals away from your children. While these ideas might seem outdated, they are worth a try.
  4. Utilize repellents. From Citronella candles to essential oilsand bug spray, sometimes your only option is to use repellents to get rid of pesky pests. It’s important to note that even though certain repellants aren’t good for animals to eat, they don’t hurt animals either. You can train the wildlife in your area to stay away from your garden by using these special repellants.

There are many methods to get rid of pests but if you’re experiencing bug troubles in your garden or in your home, contact your local pest control company to check out the area today.

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