Gains & Benefits

Unfortunately, from time to time, pests do find their way into our properties and we understand how stressful it can be having an unexpected encounter with these unwanted visitors.

Whatever the issue, you can be assured that Tackle Agents will have dealt with it before, even the most challenging or unpleasant pest problem can be solved. Our friendly and professional experts listen to you, provide viable options and tailor treatments for any of your pest problems.

We tackle all kind of pests, including:

 Cockroaches
 Rats and Mice
 Flies
 Ants
 Bedbugs
 Spiders
 Fleas
 Termites
 Wood borers
 Hornets and Wasps
 Birds
 and more…

Tackle provides services to:

Residential homes
Corporate premises
Farming industry
Bulk storage
Maritime industry

For Tackle Agents, no job is considered too big or too small!

A Partnership Designed to Exceed Expectations!

Tackle is known for its ability to consistently deliver quality projects and exceed client expectations. We select qualified Agents who are driven by the same values and philosophy. Our goal is to establish a positive working partnership with experienced and trusted Pest Control Professionals.

Being a Tackle Agent offers many Gains and Benefits.

Tackle has the potential to offer a variety of new business opportunities, with a steady flow of small and large scale contracts. Tackle commits to take full responsibility to facilitate coordination, scheduling and all administrative handling with the client.

The Agent is only responsible to carry out the designated job at the stipulated place, date and time and making sure he leaves the client’s property in good standing. He gets paid for the services completed.

Tackle provides its Agents with following services:

1. Service request (SR) – First contact with the client
2. Site inspection (SI)
3. Administration Quotation

• Contract negotiation – Service Agreement (SA)
• Service booking (SB)
• Coordination and scheduling
• Payment management
• Correspondences

4. Agent assistance
5. Timely follow-up
6. Customer care

Tackle’s approach significantly saves valuable time and potential worries for the Agent.