TACKLE is a Green Platform; it’s not only our logo!

More people adapt the understanding that the earth natural system requires our immediate attention more than ever. It’s our responsibility to look after the environment, to make it a cleaner and healthier place for ourselves and for future generations.

We share our planet also with other creatures, some of which we live peacefully with, others not so much. Unfortunately, most pesticides (including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) present acute dangers to living organisms, sometimes having devastating environmental effects. Pesticides contain harmful toxic chemicals that pollute and kill beneficial microorganisms. They indisputably cause permanent health complications for humans and the wildlife.

Tackle offers “Eco-Friendly” or “Green” alternatives to traditional pest control. These methods can allow for effective treatment while reducing health risks for vulnerable people, infants, children, adults and your pets, with safety and wellbeing of prime concern.

Due to a rise in sustainability efforts, Tackle also offers an “Organic Pest Control Service”. If you want to use the most environmentally friendly way to kill your bugs, we have a variety of aerosols and dusts made of organic (plant based) materials or materials of natural origin. These products can be quite effective against pests and at the same time safeguard air quality, water systems, humans, animals and homes. Other ecological pest control methods – such as bait traps – are safe and low-impact solutions to eradicate your pests.

Alternative Eco-Friendly methods may include the following practices:

  • Bio-pesticides: pesticides derived from natural elements as animals, plants, bacteria and certain minerals. Examples include canola oil and baking soda;
  • Cryonite: Liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used to kill insects by freezing them;
  • Trapping: Insects and rodents are lured, using specific colours, odours or shapes – then trapped with a liquid, sticky agent or cage. Electronic traps are also available;
  • Exclusion: Natural, manmade or electronic barriers to eliminate entry points and prevent pests from accessing the interior environment (fix broken windows, seal small cracks, weather-stripping doors/windows, and more);
  • Prevention: Putting away all food and using tightly sealed containers, empty trash bins regularly, fix leaking plumbing, broken gutters, standing water and other sources of water and moisture, improve drainage and runoff, periodically checking for nesting places, hiring a Tackle Agent for pest control and management.

Compared to traditional methods, Eco-Friendly approaches may not always be the most effective for addressing every type of pest control problem. Depending on your specific needs, Tackle may recommend a comprehensive “Pest Management Plan” which employs a blend of tactics to minimize pest problems; while posing significantly less health risks than traditional exterminating.